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Melbourne and the South East’s number one ON-LINE showroom  of super quality Australian designed and manufactured Sapphire Spas.

Clean & Green

mySpa Gippsland

mySpa Page Images-01MySpaGippsland is a direct-to-the-public ON-LINE spa showroom. We stock an extensive and exclusive range of spas and  swim spas made in Australia by Sapphire Spas. You can see the wide choice of different colours and  the superior finish. Our knowledge, wide product selection and customer service makes us unbeatable for spas in Melbourne and the Victorian South East.

Whether you are upgrading from an existing model or purchasing a spa for the first time, our team at MySpa Gippsland will help you discover the spa that’s perfect for your lifestyle. We understand that you may feel a little hesitant about ordering a spa, online. That’s why we really aren’t into ‘buy in a click and put it in your cart’! We know that you would rather talk to a real person about the best spa for you.

Phone us on 1300 492 686 and we’ll gladly walk you through the best choice for your lifestyle and your wallet. We’ll be able to help you make the best choice for your environment and budget.

And yes! It’s very important that our Spas are Australian Made, but more importantly,  they’re serviced locallyYou never need to wait for parts from overseas or time zones to coincide, for technical support.

With features such as iPod fluid docks, kaleidoscope ‘liquid & light’ packages or money saving heating systems, we know we can build you the perfect spa!

Have a look through the mySpa Gippsland ON-LINE showroom  or call us today on 1300 492 686 – it could be the best thing you’ll ever do!

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Massage away the Stress

Remember when home spa pools used to be considered a luxury? But now with the busy, multi-tasking, stressed out lives that we all lead, they are simply a luxury you can’t do without.  There’s no better way to unwind and massage away the stress. And as you lie there, eyes closed and your body floating on a bed of bubbles, your circulation is being gently restored, your sore joints are being relieved and your muscles relaxed. A luxury? Not any more, now a Sapphire Spa from mySpa Gippsland is an absolute necessity. And we can help you find the perfect spa for your lifestyle.

Locally owned and run

mySpa outlets across the country are all owned and operated by locals. They know the location they’re in and the best spas for their area. The team at mySpa Gippsland intimately understand the needs of homes and land size Melbourne and the Victorian South East. Whether you have a big suburban block or you’re in a  new housing estate where land is at a premium.  Whether you have a lot of kids or you’re simply a professional couple. We know which spa is best for your needs.  And in the extremely rare instance that there’s a problem with your spa, mySpa Gippsland is just a phone call away. We’re not in a different time zone or country, like foreign made spas. The team, at mySpa Gippsland, live locally and understand your needs. How’s that for peace of mind?

Clean and green

Sapphire Spa Pools account for less than 1% of the energy used within your home. At MySpa Gippsland we go to great lengths to ensure our spas use the most innovative eco-friendly and energy saving technology there is available.  All our Sapphire spas adhere to the strictest environmental standards while saving you money by reducing daily resource and energy usage.

mySpa Green

MySpa Green is an important initiative which enables us to continue to deliver what we think is the best Australian made spa on the market, while maintaining 5 key environmental tasks:

Intuitive Insulation
The 6-stage insulation system used in Sapphire Spasmeans maximum heat retention and minimum costs.

Water Responsibilty
It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect our most valuable asset. That’s why we work hard to have strict Water management, cleansing and purification systems.

Be Powersmart
The Powersmart system we use automatically manages critical spa functions. This minimises unnecessary energy consumption and cost.

Duratek™ cabinets
Duratek is a tough and durable, fade and stain resistant construction material which is an eco-friendly alternative to timber.

Sapphire Operating Power
This system cleverly ensures that no energy is wasted during the operational flow of the spa systems.